jueves, octubre 26, 2006

Turbo Tennis, October 1996 - See the ball

Turbo Tennis October 1996

I try to teach my players to see the ball...not simply watch it. What do I mean by "seeing?" Here are the key elements:
1. See the ball hit the strings of your opponent's racquet.
2. As your opponent's shot crosses the net make a note of its spin...flat, top or slice.
3. See the ball bounce on your side.
4. See the blur of your arm(s) and racquet after you strike the ball ... I pay extremely close attention to the ball when it is 2 or 3 feet before I make contact. Then I look to see the blur of my racquet after contact. This action forces me to keep my head still through the shot, and equally important, to freeze my head for a fraction of a second after the hit ...
5. See your shot bounce in the opponent's court.
developing proper sighting and the necessarily related quiet head [...]
Quietly or silently say the following to yourself as you see the ball. Say "hit" when the ball makes contact with your opponent's strings. Say "flat, top or slice" when your opponent's shot crosses the net. Say "bounce" as the ball bounces on your side of the net. Say "blur" as you strike the ball. Say "in" when the ball bounces in the opponents court...don't worry he/she will say "out" if it doesn't. Then repeat the process. When performing this exercise, I recommend tracking the ball with your eyes. Try to minimize the amount of head movement.

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