sábado, agosto 02, 2008

Mucha calor en Valencia, talking to a computer program!

Uf, no se puede dormir, y además resulta que hay una especie de programa en Facebook para captar las tarjetas de crédito de incautos en la aplicación HOT OR NOT. Cuidadín. La siguiente conversación os da la explicación.

P.D. Quizás debería haber ido a la campus party!

(04:54:28) Monik Labove: I wait for you my opened legs to show you b :->
(04:54:36) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: k
(04:54:46) Monik Labove: hey whats up
(04:54:55) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: fine u?
(04:55:04) Monik Labove: kewl how ya been today?
(04:55:11) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: r u a computer?
(04:55:33) Monik Labove: Well me im just at home by myself chilling a lil bored ya know feeling a bit freaky though :P
(04:55:42) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: definitely
(04:55:45) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: u r a computer
(04:55:55) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: we spoke a few hours ago
(04:55:58) Monik Labove: are u up to no good??? hehe and do u have more pics maybe cam ?
(04:56:08) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: now you will send me a link
(04:56:11) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: with nasty pics
(04:56:19) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: and afterwards a link to webcam pages
(04:56:28) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: it's a pitty you can't read
(04:56:30) Monik Labove: i got a pic in personal space incase u want to check it out this is thhelink http://mylolpics.741.com/monik/
(04:57:20) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: do you know Nadal will rank 1st in ATP after this weekend?
(04:57:35) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: now you say im nice
(04:57:41) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: and send me the webcam bla bla
(04:57:43) Monik Labove: sorry if i dont reply to fast holding my towel here just came back from the jacuzzi hehe
(04:57:48) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: ah ok
(04:57:51) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: i forgot this
(04:58:01) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: i just came back from moon right now
(04:58:07) Monik Labove: if you want ill let you take a quick peek hehe.... :-> on my cam i can set up
(04:58:07) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: you know ingravivty and such
(04:58:16) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: i feel quite ill right now
(04:58:18) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: thxs
(04:58:45) Monik Labove: k well u sound cute so im going to show you.. just go https://www.wildxxxfantasies.com/cams/index.php?webcam=lol4free&freeuser=&code=1 the secret promo code is mKot0PaSSB u can copy and paste it msg me wen you r in the second page
(04:58:56) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: u sound metallic
(04:59:02) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: and electric
(04:59:05) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: as a computer!
(04:59:28) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: poor babe that one you grabbed the pics from
(04:59:39) Monik Labove: just make sure u check the age box that way your card will only work for age verification with the promo code that way ull get aproved so this will not show up in bill since is freeu can use a expired one or a debit or a prepaid card even a friends k ?
(04:59:49) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: hohoho
(05:00:01) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: does this really work with someone else?
(05:00:12) Monik Labove: the promoCode will make your trial time cancels automatically with no charges or renewals oh btw this dosnt show up in bill
(05:00:51) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: do you mean bill crosby?
(05:01:07) Monik Labove: u comming ??? im waiting here half naked im freezing lol
(05:01:17) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: hey what do you think about computers?
(05:01:25) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: oh i forgot you r in fact a program
(05:01:35) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: so you love running on them :)
(05:01:38) Monik Labove: hurry plz,k ?
(05:01:39) Monik Labove: hurry plz,k ?
(05:01:48) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: oh i bet that makes you horny indeed
(05:02:05) Monik Labove: u in? toys or fingers??? i luv both so help me decide lol
(05:02:10) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: ;)
(05:02:22) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: you're close to the end
(05:02:28) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: no AI in you
(05:02:30) Monik Labove: k :( whats takin u soo loong babe im burning in here :3 atleast answer .....
(05:02:50) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: uncle ... had a farm ... ia ia o
(05:03:17) Monik Labove: :( heres the link and promo code again babe https://www.wildxxxfantasies.com/cams/index.php?webcam=lol4free&freeuser=&code=1 the secret promo code is mKot0PaSSB
(05:03:23) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: hohoho
(05:03:27) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: here we go again
(05:03:33) Monik Labove: k ???
(05:03:50) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: k.o. you're nearly done
(05:03:55) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: now you will type the ...
(05:03:59) Monik Labove: ...
(05:04:07) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: and now the two dots
(05:04:18) Monik Labove: ..
(05:04:23) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: now one and you're off
(05:04:35) Monik Labove: .
(05:05:03) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: this is the end
(05:05:30) Monik Labove: when u done and u logged into the site just go to livecams section in the flirt4free server im in the blonde section k ? ill be there
(05:05:40) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: hohoho
(05:05:41) Monik Labove: Auto response: http://profiles.yahoo.com/hansonmonik :-)
(05:05:44) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: blonde you say
(05:05:46) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: hahaha
(05:06:03) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: did they paint the silicon chips i'm talking to in yellow!
(05:06:05) chetoovalux@rocketmail.com: hahahah