viernes, noviembre 17, 2006

DJ Valium, "Doin'it again"

Esta canción es del año 2001 es un pedazo de temazo dance (vocal) del que además podéis ver el vídeo en el tubo.

DJ Valium es un dj alemán del que podéis ver toda su discografía en la gran página

La letra de la canción la podéis conseguir en

Listen to the sound of my lonely voice
Don't turn around. You've got no choice
Think about the past and how you're leaving me
Day by day, why don't you see
Remember what we did when we first met
Happy station in the morning
Are the things you've said
Only memories I left always by my side
How I need a different place, a place to hide

If I could turn back all the hands of time
It would get better if you'd still be mine
'Cause all I know since you were nine or ten
Is how I feel so we should doin' it again
I wanna be with you. I wanna be with you

Flying high try to say goodbye
A neverending story even if I cry
Everything reminds me when I'm lying in my bed
What should I do, I feel so sad
It's like a shadow of an endless night
And it really seems to be that there's no spark of light
All these little things will never be the same
Late at night I scream your name

Only love can feel this way
'Cause only love can brighten your day

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